Globber Instagram and Facebook campaigns

Digital marketing strategy - Facebook ad campaign - Social media content strategy - Social media management

Project Background:

Having an existing successful E-commerce website, Globber was looking for ways to expand their customer base and introduce their award-winning products to new audiences.


Social media content strategy

Globber was able to find new potential customers that were new to the brand through the process of data collection from existing users who had made purchases through the website. This new audience was more likely to be interested in the product making marketing efforts more effective.

Through a discovery session it was identified that Globber needed to:

  • Develop Relationships with influences on social media platform
  • Collect data from customers who showed interest in the product via the website
  • Create messaging that showed the benefit and value of the product to the audience
  • Create content that related to the audience and didn’t look like online ads
  • Run paid promotion of social media content to create awareness with new customers
  • Target users who have shown interest in the product and help them research the product options

What was delivered:

  • An online marketing strategy involving social media influences and paid promotion
  • Facebook campaign to support digital marketing activities
  • Content and messaging for paid social media promotions
  • Instagram content for paid promotions
instagram Management
instagram Management
instagram Management